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Xi Jinping Meets with U.S. President Trun Regular Telephone

http://www.chinanews.com 2018-03-10 08:22:53
Xi Jinping Meets with U.S. President Trun Regular Telephone

President Xi Jinping agreed on the 9th with U.S. President Trang's regular phone call and focused on an in-depth exchange of views on the current situation on the Korean Peninsula and bilateral relations.

Trump said that the recent positive developments in the contacts surrounding the North Korean nuclear issue have made the North Korean side take a positive attitude. The US and the DPRK can hold high-level meetings and it is a good thing for all parties and hopes that the North Korean nuclear issue can be resolved peacefully. Facts have proved that President Xi’s insistence that the United States should engage in dialogue with North Korea is correct. The U.S. side is very grateful and attaches great importance to China’s important role in the Korean Peninsula issue and is willing to continue to closely communicate and coordinate with China.

Xi Jinping pointed out that China is firmly committed to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, and persisting in resolving issues through dialogue and consultation. At present, the positive changes in the situation on the Korean peninsula are conducive to reintegrating the denuclearization process on the correct track of dialogue and settlement, and are also in line with the direction set by the UN Security Council’s resolution on the DPRK. We appreciate the positive will of the President for political settlement of the Korean Peninsula issue. He hoped that the U.S. and DPRK will start contact and dialogue as soon as possible and
strive for positive results. We also hope that all parties concerned can release some good intentions and avoid doing things that may affect and interfere with the continuous easing of the situation on the Korean Peninsula, and strive to maintain the current positive momentum. I believe that as long as all parties adhere to the general direction of political and diplomatic settlement, they will surely push the issue of the Korean Peninsular forward in the direction that the international community is looking forward to.