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California's marijuana industry falls into crisis

  • Source:ntdtv.com
  • Release on:2018-04-02
                     California's marijuana industry falls into crisis

At the California Marijuana Industry Association meeting, many practitioners admitted that California's marijuana industry is already in crisis. In addition to sales that fell short of expectations, more and more restrictive regulations and high tax revenues have made it impossible for legitimate operators to develop. Instead, the black market has become increasingly rampant.

According to statistics, California currently has about 69,000 hemp growers, but only about 600 have legal licenses. At the same time, according to California's Food and Agriculture Department's estimates, the annual production of cannabis in California is around 13.5 million pounds, but the vast majority has entered the black market.

The Los Angeles police pointed out that as many as 300 dens of marijuana marijuana in Luocheng City are three times as many as legal marijuana outlets. However, the current police strategy can only give priority to handling marijuana spots involving large amounts of crime, and it also requires lengthy procedures.