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Legalization of marijuana: Provinces can learn from Vancouver's experience

  • Source:http://www.rcinet.ca/zh/2017/0
  • Release on:2018-01-26
      Legalization of marijuana: Provinces can learn from Vancouver's experience

On Monday, the federal government officially announced the controversial legalization of marijuana will be officially implemented in 2018 National Day (July 1).

For many years, Canada saw cannabis as a drug and was strictly forbidden. However, in recent years the government has come to realize that blocking can not be stopped and every year massive purchases of cannabis go into the hands of illicit traders, while monitoring of cannabis, such as limiting the age of cannabis abuse and publicizing the dangers of cannabis Work is far from enough.

In the 2015 federal election, one of the current campaign plans for Trudeau, the prime minister, is to legalize marijuana if elected.He said the Liberal Party promised to legalize marijuana instead of making them criminals by controlling marijuana management to protect young people.

Canada's responsibility for legalizing and managing marijuana is that former Minister of Justice Anna Mclellan said at the end of last year that the legalization of marijuana is the way out. She said it is time to legalize marijuana instead of incriminating. The policies of the past few decades have failed. Marijuana should be brought into the legally regulated market.