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New York State will study the feasibility of legalizing marijuana entertainment

  • Source:https://www.chinaqw.com/hqhr/2
  • Release on:2018-01-22
New York State will study the feasibility of legalizing marijuana entertainment

According to the U.S. "World News", New York Governor Gemo announced on the 16th (both in local time) that the state of New York will study whether this would be feasible as more states in the United States have enacted laws to legalize amusement marijuana. In his annual budget speech, he asked state legislators to approve the funding for research.

The study will examine the effects of cannabis legalization in Massachusetts, Vermont and NSW (if adopted) and its impact on New York State. In addition, if state laws ease marijuana laws, what types of potential obstacles may exist.

At least nine states and Washington, D.C., have passed the act to legalize a small amount of entertainment marijuana, including Massachusetts and Vermont, near New York, where the former voted through marijuana in 2016, the latter in Ben Earlier months, the vote was for. Phil State Governor Phil Murphy has also publicly stated his support for the legalization of entertainment marijuana.

National (U.S.) State Assembly said that there are currently 29 states that allow cannabis for medical use, and New York is one of them. But New York has the most restrictive nationwide (U.S.) rule, which states that marijuana must not be used in the form of smoking, and licensed patients can only buy marijuana made from ointments, medicated oils and pills. According to the State Department of Health, as of January 9, the New York City Medical Marijuana Program identified 49,334 patients.

Mughika said: "We have just announced that we will conduct a study without knowing how long it will take. However, once the legalization of marijuana starts in the neighboring states, there will be loopholes in law that will affect criminal justice and the economy. Therefore, we would like to see if this will happen. what's up.