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Harm of smoking marijuana

  • Source:zhidao.baidu.com
  • Release on:2017-11-18
                               Harm of smoking marijuana

Marijuana commonly known in China as "hemp", origin for the warm areas or tropical regions, annual herbs, dioecious, wild, with cultivation. Many varieties of cannabis, is one of the earliest human plant. Cannabis as a drug mainly refers
to the short, multi-branched Indian cannabis. The main active ingredient of cannabis drugs is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Large-scale or long-term use of cannabis can cause serious damage to people's health:
1) Neurological disorders. Excessive consumption can occur unconsciousness, anxiety, depression, etc., people have hostile impulses or suicidal intentions. Long-term use of marijuana can induce mental disorders, paranoid and delusional
2) Memory and behavior cause damage. Misuse of marijuana can make the brain memory and attention, computational power and judgment diminished, making people slow thinking, satisfied, memory confusion. Long-term smoking can also cause
degenerative brain disease.
3) Affect the immune system. Inhaling marijuana can damage the body's immune system, causing cellular and humoral immune dysfunction, susceptible to viruses and bacteria. So cannabis smokers have more oral tumors.
4) Smoking marijuana can cause tracheitis, pharyngitis, asthma attacks, laryngeal edema and other diseases. Sucking a marijuana cigarette affects lung function 10 times more than a cigarette.
5) Affect sports coordination. The excessive use of marijuana can impair the coordination function of muscle movement, resulting in standing balance disorders, trembling hands, loss of complex operational skills and the ability to drive
a motor vehicle.