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glass blunt  MJ420 pipeglass blunt  MJ420 pipeglass blunt  MJ420 pipe

glass blunt MJ420 pipe

  • Specification:
  • Fully shrunk length: 62.5mm
  • Fully extended length: 92.5mm
  • Max Diameter: 20.3mm
  • Aluminum Tube Diameter: 17mm
  • Maximum glass tube capacity: About 2 grams
  • Color: Black/Silver/Gold/Rose Gold
  • Weight of the pipe: 35g
glass blunt  MJ420 pipe

What makes a difference?

1. Small telescope design, portable to carry
2. Easy to fill, filling directly into the glass tube to smoke
3. Filter mouthpiece, more smooth draw, better smoking experience
4. Springloaded structure. Before lit, you can shift screw caps to higher gears with the silicone cap on to condense the herbs. After lit, shift the screw caps to higher gears to push the burnt ashes out of the tube.
5. All componenets are detachable, easy to clean and disassemble/assemble
6. Aluminum shell, protect glass from outside forces,durable and handy
7. Replaceable glass tube with simple plug in/out, no thread. You can either clean or replace a new glass tube.
8. Put out the smoke by simply putting the silicone cap on
9. The glass tube can storge shredded herbs with two silicone caps on each ends and sell them together as catridge
10. Cheap price, apply to multiple sales/marketing stragety plans. For example, buy two catridges of herbs, get one set of pipe for free(as giveaways)

1 x MJ420 Pipe
1 x Clean Brush
1 x User Manual
1 x Package

For small order: 1-2 working days
For Qty 1k-5k:  about 5-12 working days
For Qty 5k-20k: about 12--15 working days

About quality control :
Our quality control Department is staffed with 11 skilled employees. All of our products will go through 3 tests before shipping:
First,we shall run full inspection (IQC) on all raw materials.
Second,our IPQC shall test the half-finished products on the production line.
At last, The FQC shall run a full inspection of the finished products all over again before shipping out.
In this case, we can guarantee our qualified rate reach 99.6%.

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