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U.S. Attorney General repeals federal government cannabis policy

  • Source:www.voachinese.com
  • Release on:2018-01-06
            U.S. Attorney General repeals federal government cannabis policy

U.S. Attorney General Sessions on Thursday announced the cancellation of the policy set forth by former President Obama to ease the implementation of federal cannabis laws in all states where marijuana is legalized.

Sessions' decision will allow federal prosecutors in those states to decide how much to enforce the law.

The Justice Department is expected to announce Thursday. Three days ago, the marijuana retail store in California opened its doors for the first time and backers said California will eventually become the world's largest market for legal leisure hemp.

Eight states, including California, and the capital, Washington, have legalized casual marijuana. The conflict between federal drug law enforcement officials under the leadership of the Sessions and the Sessions may be exacerbated. Sessions firmly opposes the legalization of marijuana. Sessions compared cannabis and heroin to accuse cannabis of causing a surge in violence.

Medical marijuana is legal in 29 U.S. states and Washington DC. Democratic Senator Kosten Geiblande said on Thursday that the Sessions decision may prohibit patients from acquiring and using the substance for medical purposes and disproportionately prosecute ethnic minorities.

Geely Brande asked her colleague to support her legislation to "protect the medical marijuana from the federal government when it is most beneficial for doctors and patients."

National polls have shown that the majority of Americans now support the legalization of marijuana, which will spawn a billion-dollar industry that finances schools and law enforcement agencies.