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Sneak marijuana in the United States

  • Source:http://www.wenxuecity.com/news
  • Release on:2017-11-30
                                    Sneak marijuana in the United States

8922 Fairview Road, North San Gabriel The house that was used to grow marijuana was a rented house. Surrounding neighbors are amazed at the discovery of mansions of cannabis growing in the community. Some neighbors said they never saw the tenant in this house.

In order to avoid the pursuit of police, in recent years some Chinese have tried their best to steal marijuana, but this has not escaped the police's eye.

On August 17, 2010, after two months of investigation, the Los Angeles County Police Department seized $ 4 million of drugs and a number of weapons at the site of four cannabis plants in the hubbub of the Chinese-populated area of San Gabriel. During the crackdown on private marijuana operations, police arrested 9 Chinese suspects (7 in the media).

According to the newspaper and two months of careful investigation, Los Angeles County Police Street Security Operations on the 17th San Gabriel Valley concentrated in San Gabriel City, Temple two, Sophie honey and the North San Lidan Boluo County, a custodial district, a total of 5 residential houses were anti-drug cleanup.

STEVEKIM, an Asian police officer involved in the 17-Day campaign, said large quantities of cannabis and equipment to plant the drugs were found in four of the houses, including glare lamps, ventilation equipment, plant nutrition solutions, etc. . The police seized about 1,600 cannabis plants in four homes, with an estimated market capitalization of more than $ 4 million.

Steve King said in the operation, the police seized 12 weapons and arrested 9 suspects. Police said the nine suspects are Chinese immigrants. Police identified Minh Luu, 49, who lives in San Gabriel city as the main suspect among the 9 arrested. Police declined to give names to other suspects.

Los Angeles County police chief Shetty Fethrell said the police arrested both the Temple City and the City of Rumsfeld in this operation. Police also seized seven pistols, three offensive weapons, a rifle and a shotgun.

Police said that in a drug discovery house, each house has an indoor area of about 2,000 square feet, of which three-quarters of the space is used to grow marijuana and suspects use plant nutrient solutions, glare lamps and other equipment to promote the growth of cannabis and use ventilation facilities Will indoor marijuana taste out of the room.

At 22:00 the same day, the police also carried out the mission at No. 8922 Fairview Road, North San Gabriel. On-site police officer Steve King said most of the space in this three-bedroom home is used to grow cannabis. Police officer Steve King said there was a suspect living in the house. Police said at present it can not be concluded that these suspects are cannabis-related.

8922 Fairview Road, North San Gabriel The house that was used to grow marijuana was a rented house. Surrounding neighbors are amazed at the discovery of mansions of cannabis growing in the community. Some neighbors said they never saw the tenant in this house.

According to Fairview Road 8922 neighborhood neighbors reflect the surrounding community usually quiet, did not hear what the crime. Neighboring neighbors also said that in recent years, many ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese have gradually moved into the community with them.

Apart from renting flats and husks, in order to save costs, some Chinese have also steal electricity quietly to plant cannabis indoors. Last year, the Al-Mundi city police seized a suspect in marijuana cultivation in one operation, so what they did not expect was that the suspect was actually a woman.

On 9 March 2015, the Almere City Police Department seized a marijuana house and arrested a Chinese woman in the house. The police can not tell whether the case is related to gangs.

Guan JiaoLiao, a 58-year-old Chinese woman suspected of planting narcotic drugs, was arrested on the 9th by the Almeida city police station. The police found about 800 cannabis plants in various stages of their life in an independent home where the woman lived. This home is on Huddart Street 4300 in El Monte.

Snook, a police officer on the scene, said the police were getting intelligence from Southern California Edison Electric Company as the company found that the recorded electricity consumption of the marijuana house was significantly different from its actual electricity consumption The police scout found that it was a mansion used to grow marijuana.

Tello, an on-the-scene mission agent, said that cannabis stealing indoors requires artificial light and consumes significant amounts of energy, and suspects stealing marijuana generally steal electricity to reduce plantation costs. Taylor said police found several liquefied gas tanks at the scene. The suspects put a certain amount of liquefied gas in their bedroom-converted planting room to supply the gas needed for the growth of cannabis, but this is very dangerous. If the control is not good, explosion.

The living room in this home features a simple bed, a dining table, some lifestyle items and a large tray of sea cucumbers. The kitchen in this home is still used by many people. Police said the arrested woman should live in the house.

Police said they are currently unable to determine whether the Chinese who was arrested for Chinese occupation is a homeowner for the home and whether the cannabis plantation is a "home business" or belongs to a gang. The case is still under investigation. Liao surname suspects are now being held in the prison of El Monte Municipal Police, bail 30,000 yuan.

According to neighbors near the house, the house was seized about a year ago, but they did not know if the arrested woman was the homeowner for the house. Some neighbors said they seldom saw anyone moving in and out of this house, but people have seen the arrested woman lead a little girl of about 67 in the vicinity for a walk.

Neighbors said that over the past year, the house used to grow cannabis often smells strange, but no one noticed what it was.