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Legalization of marijuana

  • Source:baike.com/wiki/
  • Release on:2017-12-20
                            Legalization of marijuana

Cannabis is a strictly controlled substance in the UN drug convention and abuse of cannabis can cause people to hallucinate or even threaten life. The UN Convention on Narcotics places strict control of cannabis into narcotic drugs. In our country's law, there is no doubt about the drug's characterization of marijuana. Article 377 of China's Criminal Law clearly stipulates that drugs refer to opium, heroin, methamphetamine, morphine, marijuana and cocaine as well as others regulated by the State Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances that can addicted to others. In law enforcement practice, law enforcement agencies all over the world have crackled cannabis as a drug. It is learned that in Uruguay, marijuana can be planted only if it is at least 18 years of age and prior application is made. However, each person can only plant up to six trees in accordance with the law and a harvest of no more than 480 grams a year.

It is illegal for most countries to smoker cannabis, but some countries allow marijuana.

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