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How to crack the management of cannabis legal problems?

  • Source:wallstreetcn.com
  • Release on:2017-11-15
                   How to crack the management of cannabis legal problems?

In April this year, the Canadian government promulgated the act and announced that since July 2018, entertainment marijuana will be fully legalized. Regulatoryly, the federal government is responsible for regulating commercial production, while local governments have the power to manage distribution and other segments. This is similar to Canada's regulatory model for tobacco and alcohol.

In an effort to address the regulatory challenges of a comprehensive legalization of cannabis ahead of schedule, BC Province in Canada began public consultation at the end of September this year to determine "where and how cannabis can be marketed and consumed in the province."

IBM said their recommendations were made exactly at the request of BC, and if blockchain technology could ultimately work in it, it would allow all parties to monitor the entire process, from seed to sale.

In fact, IBM has been pushing the blockchain technology in the past, Wall Street heard earlier mentioned in June this year, IBM successfully bid DTC (seven European banks co-built blockchain trade financing system), and the system is expected to On the end of the year.