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Cannabis legalization experts will warn of the black market will be more rampant

  • Source:http://www.epochtimes.com/gb/1
  • Release on:2017-12-12
Cannabis legalization experts will warn of the black market will be more rampant

Next summer marijuana is officially legal, experts say even so, Canada's marijuana black market will not disappear overnight and is not expected to change much in the next few years .

Donald MacPherson, executiveirector of the Canadian Drug Policy Alliance (CDPC), said that the marijuana market is a large, ill-organized, fast delivery and has been in operation for 40 years. The biggest problem after the legalization of marijuana is how many black market shares can the normal market try to erode within a year?

According to Global News interview with cannabis users found that there are currently three major channels of marijuana black market, one through acquaintances acquaintances Ma, the other is the street marijuana retail stores, the third is a channel recently emerged, but also a unique phenomenon in Canada, that online Mail order.

Most online mail-order marijuana requires the buyer to provide identity documents requiring the parties to be at least 18 or 19 years old, pay through Interac, then vacuum-pack the marijuana and deliver it through a Canadian post office or other courier company.

Observers said that after the legalization of marijuana, whether the black market is shrinking and the rate of decline depends on the size and progress of the formal market. Nowadays, all provinces are formulating their own marijuana policies, some of which will tighten the supervision of cannabis shops. Some will consider criminalizing minors and selling marijuana near schools.

Toronto cannabis growers Chad said the rules, coupled with the rise in cannabis shops, have exacerbated the market price and quality competition in the cannabis industry. In particular, the recent torch by the Toronto police marijuana store forced many cannabis stores into the ground and only made the black market more prosperous. In addition, many cannabis network sellers also turn underground for security reasons after cannabis is legalized.

McFilson said the biggest challenge for the federal and provincial governments is that the existing black market for cannabis is deeply rooted. Various surveys show that at present, there are not only tens of thousands of small-scale growers, but also large-scale growers, large and hungry consumer groups and high consumption rates among the highest in the world .

However, police across the country have said that in the summer, marijuana is too harsher and the police are unprepared. They need more time to train and promote more roadside law enforcement officers. Police warned that black marijuana and organized crime would be even more rampant until the police were fully prepared to pick up even more.