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California Entertainment Legalization of Marijuana San Francisco Welcomes First Marijuana Day

  • Source:http://ny.uschinapress.com
  • Release on:2018-04-24
California Entertainment Legalization of Marijuana San Francisco Welcomes First Marijuana Day

April 20 is the annual Cannabis Day in San Francisco and the first 420-day Cannabis Day event in California after the legalization of recreational marijuana. Hippie Hill in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park has become a place for tens of thousands of friends. However, due to the intense complaints from nearby residents, this year’s activities are also the most severely controlled by the authorities.

According to statistics, a total of 15,000 people gathered in Golden Gate Park to celebrate the 420 Cannabis Day event last year. The event should have started at 9:00 am on Friday, but since the security check was not yet ready, the police did not start the security check at 9:30 a.m. This year, the authorities set up 60 security checkpoints in the Golden Gate Park, 20 more security checkpoints than last year's 40 security checkpoints. In addition to the increase in the number of security checkpoints, food suppliers have also increased from 6 in last year to 20, and the number of mobile toilets has also increased significantly.

On the day of the event, 6 people received medical care, and 3 of them were taken to the hospital. The medical staff and the police did not explain why they were sent to the hospital for any reason.

The reporter arrived at the scene at 1:30 pm. The entire Golden Gate Park is full of people who come to participate in the activities. There were many police cars on the scene, and the streets near Hippie Hill were blocked and vehicles were prohibited from entering. There are some small vendors selling marijuana and cannabis drinks along the road. There are all men, women and children.