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5 layers of vacuum can not hide drug detectives grab 100 million cannabis flowers

  • Source:http://news.ltn.com.tw/news
  • Release on:2017-12-14
         5 layers of vacuum can not hide drug detectives grab 100 million cannabis flowers

Under the guise of moving, the drug lord smuggled cannabis flowers in two furniture cabinets and smuggled them from Canada and Australia into China. The drug inspectors and policemen entered the country as counterfeit delivery officers. Five men named Qiu Xing were caught yesterday Black market price of 77 million kilograms of cannabis flowers.

Case investigators revealed that the Criminal Investigation Bureau found a brigade six months to track down the discovery of cannabis flowers from Canada, Australia smuggled two to Taiwan, the police further control, drug lords to reside abroad to move back to the ground, the furniture and other items taken by sea Container way to return, people first go back to the country, with "baggage" approach, possession of cannabis flowers in the container checkpoints.

Investigators averted arousing their suspicions by first receiving the goods together with the Customs officers and then transporting them by posing as a delivery man. He finally smashed them and seized 77 kilograms of cannabis in two 40-foot containers.

The ad hoc team cracked cannabis flower and Pablo, a 6-year-old anti-narcotics dog, was also credited with wrapping cannabis flowers on a five-layer, vacuum-proof plastic sheeting. It took about 20 minutes to smelt.

After the police will surnamed Qiu and other five men in accordance with the provisions of the anti-drug drug control regulations transferred to the new North Prosecutors Office after the resuscitation syndicate surnamed Qiu and Chen surnamed man.